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suz mccann


Hey Everyone! 

I'm Suz. I was born and raised in Southern California and was that annoying kid growing up, the one chasing my friends around with my point-and-click camera, wanting to turn every important moment into permanent memories. 

After high school, I decided to explore the world and moved to Washington DC for college. While there, I took some photography classes and learned that there was actually a whole lot more to photography than just pushing a button on a camera. I absolutely fell in love with photography,  DC, the East Coast, and Urban Living, but ultimately my love for family, sunshine and the beach won out, and I moved back to California. 

To me, photography, capturing those special moments in your life, is about so much more than the final finished product. My goal is to give you an experience you will look back on and cherish; that when you look at your photos, not only will you think "wow, we look fantastic!" you will think "OMG! Taking these photos was so much fun! We laughed so much - I was dreading being in front of the camera, but man, I can't wait to do it again." 

I currently live in the beautiful Temecula Valley with my bestest most furry friend Chance. He's 16 years old and both a grumpy old man and the sweetest puppy doggie on the planet. Although I don't have a musical bone in my body - my parents have told me to sing more quietly in Church - I absolutely love live music. I have a serious coffee addiction and bleed Angel's Red. I love to travel and am available to come on a photo adventure with you. 

So if you are ready to spend some time making moments into memories, click on the button below and we can begin planning our adventure.