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A Royal Senior Portrait Session: Fullerton, California

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

It was a crazy busy summer and time got away from me. But the experience of taking these photos was so special that I had to share it now, even if Miss Allie is already off on her East Coast adventure at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

A few weeks, before Rosie (Allie’s mom) called me, I saw these pictures done by another photographer of a softball player in her prom dress. I thought the concept was so rad and it gave me all kinds of ideas, but I knew that I needed just the right person to test them out. I was so excited when Rosie contacted me, and asked if I would be interested in doing her senior portraits because not only was I going to get to take pictures of a Rosary girl, I knew that in addition to being absolutely brilliant, Allie was also a total soccer stud and would be perfect for an idea I had.

Allie is a beautiful girl. I’ve worked with a lot of pretty girls before, but to me, what makes them even more beautiful is when they don’t have any idea of just how beautiful they are. Allie is a gem – inside and out. She was so sweet and fun to work with, and open to any crazy idea I had. She even got into the crazy ideas herself, talking about when she had tried to be a cheerleader one time and showing off some of her best cheerleader poses.

On first glance, this probably looks like any other really well-done, super fun senior portrait session. But it’s more than just any senior portrait session. See, almost 20 years ago, I graduated from the same high school as Allie, and her mom graduated right there with me.

Allie is a 2nd generation Rosary Girl. If you haven’t been to Rosary, or had the all-girls high school experience (stop cringing), it’s a really hard concept to grasp. To most people it sounds like it would be something straight out of a horror movie - 600+ teenage girls all trying to find themselves.

Most of us don’t recognize just how amazing Rosary is until many years after graduation. Sure, it’s fun while we are there. And we do have normal high school activities like football games and dances (hello Servite). But the kind of bonds and friendships that are formed from the Rosary experience don’t just happen anywhere. I am still in touch with probably 80% of my graduating class, at least thru Facebook. We are there to support each other, to celebrate our successes and to support in times of trouble.

When I look at these photos, I am reminded of my own high school experiences and how a photo is more than just something to throw in a frame or an album. It is a testament to who we are, where we have been, and who we have become. I know Allie is going to do great things in life. I hope you enjoy these photos!

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