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Parker-Berger Wedding: Stone Brewing, Escondido California

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I met this beautiful couple at the Bride's retirement party a few years ago and have been blessed to photograph their grand babies numerous times since. I remember at the retirement party overhearing that Glenn had proposed to Kathy, and was hoping that when the time came, the might call me to capture their special day.

When I got the call from Kathy, I was so very excited. They had planned a beautiful intimate wedding to be held at Stone Brewing in Escondido. It was a true family affair - Kathy's daughter Alyssia was her maid-of-honor and Glenn's son Joe was his best man, and Kathy's 3 beautiful granddaughters were members of the wedding party as well.

It was a stunning wedding - all the details were just perfectly suited to this couple, and seeing their love inspired me.

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