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Dan + Julie: A Carlsbad Elopement

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

So how did you spend your Labor Day Weekend? I got to kick mine off with this beautiful couple and their kids, celebrating the joining of two families.

Seattle Couple celebrating their wedding, elopement style at the Westin Resort Carlsbad

I received a message via Facebook, inquiring about a possible beach elopement. They were flying in from Seattle and had me and an officiant - the rest would be decided when they got here, and the wedding would be held at the beach, somewhere between Carlsbad and San Clemente.

A couple days before the big day, they decided that it just wouldn't be right if their kids weren't there to witness, so now there were guests involved, and someone(s) to walk the bride down the aisle.

The night before the ceremony, after securing some gorgeous flowers from Trader Joes, the happy couple decided that rather than have the wedding at a crowded beach (it was Labor Day Weekend, afterall) that they would prefer a beautiful garden location instead. The Westin Carlsbad Resort and Spa came through with the perfect spot.

After a beautiful ceremony filled with lots of happy tears, I got to see first-hand one of the most beautiful blended families ever. I actually had to interrupt the hugging to remind them that we were almost out of daylight and wouldn't have time for photos if we didn't hug later. So we reached a compromise and did some hugging photos.

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