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Lifting of the Gag Order: Elopement Photo Session, Seal Beach CA

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Finally!! The social media gag order has been lifted and I am free to share these images.

But first, the story behind them. This may be one of the most special sessions I have been blessed to be a part of. Don't get me wrong - all my sessions are special in some way. But this one....well, read on and you will get it.

I have known Anna since I was a little girl. Growing up, she was a fellow St. Bruno Tiger and one of the best friends of my favorite baby-sitter, Kim (for more on Kim, visit my previous blog, Adventures in Baby-Sitting.) Over the past few years, since we all started hanging out as adults, I have heard references to this guy Shawn, but had never actually met him. I knew he and Anna had known each other casually since their days at St. Paul and had been dating for the past 10 years or so.

There were a few times Anna had mentioned wanting to get some photos done of the two of them in passing, so I really didn't think anything of it when she contacted me about 6 weeks ago, wanting to finally get some photos done. During the scheduling of the session, she casually mentioned not to tell anyone we were taking these photos, as they were going to be a "surprise." I asked if she meant that they would be used for an announcement of some sort, and her response was "well, you could say that." When she said it, I thought FINALLY!!! Her and Shawn are engaged!!! I was so excited and happy for her, and mentally began my engagement session checklist for ideas on poses and props.

The morning of the session arrived and I showed up at her apartment in Seal Beach. The front door was open and as soon as I could see her (I hadn't actually entered the apartment yet), I stopped dead in my tracks because it had hit me. She smiled and said "Surprise! We're doing it... now!" My engagement session had magically morphed into a wedding, and I was one of two guests, along with Father John, who was officiating.

The wedding was beautiful. It was a very short ceremony, but filled with love and all the spontaneity and quirkiness that Anna and Shawn are known for.

After the ceremony was over, Shawn and Anna gave me a tour of their neighborhood. We stumbled upon a garage sale, where Shawn and Anna were presented with their first official Wedding Gifts, a beautiful picture frame, and a crystal relish dish - the groom was advised to "always relish this moment."

In preparation for the surprise, Anna had picked out a few special spots and ordered a couple unique props to be used as part of the "announcement." I was able to capture some special moments for her and Shawn, and it was so much fun to be part of their special day, but I was also sworn to secrecy until further notice and placed under a social media gag order. Until now.

Happy One-Month Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Brennan.

Shawn, but had never actually seen him.

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