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Find You A Love Like This...

Yeah yeah yeah... I know...It's been forever and a day since I have taken the time to share some words of wisdom and beautiful stories with you...Life has been a bit insane, between the full time job, my amazing photo clients, and my own baby sister's impending nuptials, I seriously haven't had a moment to breathe. The fact that I am taking the time to write this speaks to how amazing this couple and their love story is.

From day one, Bobbi told Chris that she never wanted him to stop surprising her... So surprise her he did! Can you imagine - it's your wedding day. You know the date. You know the time. You have chosen your dress. But that's all you know. This amazing Groom took care of planning out all the details. Of course he had some help from friends and family, but he pulled it off, all on his own. From flowers, to reception location, to cake - he checked off every box.

And everything about it was perfect and meant to be - right down to the fact that it was pouring rain right up until 10 minutes before the festivities began.

The Ceremony was beautiful, full of love and laughter. The Bride and Groom pledged their love, surrounded by their children, family and friends.

After the ceremony, We had some fun family time, capturing some portraits.

After we finished with the portraits, they partied the night away with friends and family, happily ever after.

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