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Terrifyingly Two: Children's Portrait Sessions at Vail HQ in Temecula, California

Oh my gosh. Let’s talk two-year olds. They are seriously the most challenging little beings to take photos of. You think weddings are crazy? You haven’t seen anything. They can go from sugary-sweet to prickly cacti back to that sweet goodness in literally the click of the camera. Which can be absolutely mind-boggling– but when you finally get them to give you “the shot” – it is totally worth it all.

Today I got to hang out with a friend and her grandbabies. They were all dressed up because their daddy was in a wedding, so Mema figured it would be the perfect time to get some updated photos. Now these two munchkins are absolutely darling. Unfortunately, poor Miss Addi had fallen asleep on the way, and was less than thrilled to see me and my camera. If I’m being honest, “less than thrilled” is probably an understatement.

Luckily for me, her adorable brother Ashton didn’t share in her disdain for me and my camera. He was all about giving me his best handsome looks, and let’s just say he knew what he was doing.

It took a little bit of time, a little loving from Mema, some magical wooden rocking horses that we stumbled across, and a little silliness with big brother....

Finally we got Miss Addi to agree to a few pictures, especially if she got to be in them with her Papa.

After Papa came to save the day, suddenly Addi was all about the pictures. Her and Ashton found this cool little garden and we went and explored it. Addi got to smell some pretty flowers, show us her "taco tongue" and her and big brother got to ham it up a bit in the special princess chair.

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