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First Birthday Photos: What Exactly Do You Want?

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

So recently a good friend of mine had a kiddo who was turning one. Of course she asked me if I would take photos. And of course, I said absolutely! She sent me a bunch of cute "pinspiration" pics of epically staged cake smashes. And then she told me we could take them at the birthday party.

Hold up! I hate to break it to all you first time mommas out here, but those adorable cake smash photos you see all over the internet, were not, in fact, taken during the child's birthday party - I guarantee it!

Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider hiring a photographer (preferably me) to capture that first birthday shindig. As the awesome mom that you are, I am sure that you have gone all out planning this birthday bash - it has a theme and tons of amazing decorations and details. And I bet that you'd like to actually be able to enjoy the party and not be running around trying to take pictures of it all - that's where I come in. Hiring a photographer will allow you to relax and join the celebration, without the stress of having all the important details captured to show that beautiful child when he or she is a teenager, accusing you of never doing anything for them, that you did, in fact, throw them an amazing party.

Yes, I know - you also want the staged cake-smash pics. But let's think about this logically. Even if it were possible to have the backdrop and props ready - can you really expect your one-year old, who has probably never tasted the deliciousness you've placed before them, really be expected to cooperate with 50+ of your nearest and dearest shouting to make him or her "smile"? It's just not realistic.

So it's important to identify what exactly it is you are trying to achieve when booking your session. If you want the best of both worlds, let me know. I will gladly attend the birthday party, and then come back the following weekend for a formal cake smash. I guarantee, your little one will be super excited to see that cake the second time around, and you will get even better photos.

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